Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains what we do with the information you provide us about yourself.

This Privacy Policy is effective from 15 August, 2015 and refers to users of

We will not sell or share your information for profit nor for any other beneficial reason. We will not send you information you have not requested from us and you are entitled to unsubscribe to any such information sent by us at any time by contacting us at

We will hold your information on secured servers.

If you are a resident of the following countries:

Brazil, China (Mainland), Indonesia, Russia or Vietnam

we will hold your information on secured servers in your country of residence. We collect digital cookies with information about your IP Address and your activity on in an effort to provide for you a better service. If you wish, you may delete these cookies through your Internet browser.

Our payment processing is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant (PCI DSS). You can read more about this here.

If requested by a court order we may be forced to disclose your information to a State or Government Authority. We will then only disclose the information which you have provided.